How to install plugins on TrueNAS

If you want to extend the functionality of your TrueNAS server, in this guide, you will learn how to install your first plugin.

TrueNAS plugin install

On TrueNAS (Core and Scale), you can extend the functionality of the server with plugins, and in this guide, you will learn how. Plugins are preconfigured packages that you can install and configure on the server through the web browser. Every plugin is automatically installed into separate FreeBSD jail (virtualized container isolated from the system) that doesn’t allow the installation of additional software.

On TrueNAS, you can download plugins from two sources, including for iXsystems, which is the company responsible for TrueNAS and offers the officially supported plugins, and then you have the plugins from the community. The community provides the most plugins, but they are not supported by iXsystems.

This guide will teach you the steps to get started installing your first plugin on a TrueNAS server.

Install plugins on TrueNAS

To install a plugin on TrueNAS, use these steps:

  1. Open TrueNAS (web)

  2. Click on Plugins.

    Quick note: If this is the first time adding plugins to the server, you must choose a pool to store the jail (container) for the plugins. You can use these instructions to create a TrueNAS pool.
  3. Select the Community option from the “Browse a Collection” setting.

  4. Click the Refresh index button to make sure the system is pulling the latest plugins available.

  5. Choose the plugin – for example, NetData.

  6. Click the Install button.

    TrueNAS plugin install

  7. Click the Continue button.

    TrueNAS plugin warning

  8. Confirm the Jail Name  – for example, netdata.

    Quick tip: It’s best to use the same name as the plugin name.
  9. Check the NAT option to allow the app to share the network configuration of the jail with the application.

    Quick note: This is the recommended option for most cases, but you can always clear the option and choose the DHCP option to configure custom networking settings. The “Advanced Plugin Installation” settings allow you to configure IPv6 and other settings.
  10. Click the Save button.

    TrueNAS plugin configuration

  11. Review installation notes and confirm the IP address and port to access the admin portal for the plugin.

  12. Click the Close button after the installation.

Once you complete the steps, the plugin will download and install on TrueNAS. You can follow the URL with the port number to access the application from the web browser.


What are plugins on TrueNAS?

On TrueNAS, plugins are preconfigured packages that allow you to install an application to extend the server functionality. You can install a wide variety of plugins, including backup solutions, media center platforms like Plex, monitoring systems, and more.

Does TrueNAS Scale have plugins?

Yes, TrueNAS Scale and Core offer the ability to install plugins.

How to fix plugin stuck installing on TrueNAS?

If the installation of the plugin seems stuck at 20 or 50 percent, this is normal behavior. It’ll eventually complete successfully.