How to uninstall plugins on TrueNAS

Yes, you can remove virtually any plugin you install on TrueNAS, and here's how.

TrueNAS uninstall plugins

On TrueNAS, you can remove any of the plugins you install from the system repository, and in this guide, you will learn how.

TrueNAS is a free and open-source network-attached storage (NAS) device operating system. It is based on FreeBSD and includes a wide range of features for managing files, sharing data, and running applications, including plugins.

Plugins are a way to extend the functionality of TrueNAS. They are pre-packaged apps that can be installed and managed from the web interface. And if you no longer need one, you always have the choice to uninstall it.

This guide will teach you the easy way to remove plugins you no longer need on TrueNAS.

Uninstall plugins from TrueNAS

To remove TrueNAS plugins, use these steps:

  1. Open TrueNAS (web).

  2. Click on Plugins from the left pane.

  3. Click the Expand button next to the plugin.

    TrueNAS expand plugin settings

  4. Click the Stop button (if applicable).

  5. Click the Uninstall button.

    TrueNAS uninstall plugin

  6. Confirm the exact name of the plugin.

  7. Check the Confirm option.

  8. Click the Delete button.

Once you complete the steps, the plugin, along with any data, will be removed from the server.

Since this process will delete everything about the plugin (including associated jails and snapshots), it’s recommended to back up any important data (such as configurations and files) before removing it.